HOHNER Artist Natsuko Miura

Natsuko Miura from Japan grew up listening to Elvis Presley and American Rock music which was her father’s preference. She started listening to Blues music after enjoying British Rock and R&B. Inspired by this music, Natsuko started playing Blues Harp by herself. To improve her harp and vocal skills she attended Blues sessions and vocal lessons. She went to Chicago to play with other musicians. Her powerful harp and voice attracted the audience.She became a HOHNER Artist in 2014 and released the debut album ‘Bluestocking' in 2018. She appeared on the longevity TV program called ‘Daimei no nai Ongakukai - Concert with no title’ by TV Asahi on September 7, 2019.#playtheoriginal #unitedinsound #hohner #hohnerartist

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